LAHORE - On the sidelines of a custody battle, the Lahore High Court witnessed emotional scenes when three little daughters of an angry couple started crying at the time of departure on Friday.

The kids refused to go with their mother and kept on crying. On seeing them cry, their father also started to cry, according to a media report.

Kabirwala’s resident Shahzad has a matrimonial dispute with his wife Naheed, said the media report.

Out of their five children, Shahzad has the custody of three daughters while a son and a daughter lives with Naheed. Naheed moved to court to get the custody of the three daughters living with Shahzad.

Shahzad told the court that he wanted to keep his wife with him. The court gave them three days to mend the differences. When Naheed tried to take the daughters with her after the hearing, all three of them started to cry. Looking at his daughters’ condition, Shahzad started sobbing and everyone else at the scene also felt the plight of the father and daughters. Shahzad tried to persuade Naheed but she remained adamant. The girls also refused to go with the mother. Eventually, Shahzad took the daughters with him. The hearing was adjourned.  The case reflects on the misery of children of estranged couples.

Police ordered to register

FIR against ‘rapist’

The Lahore High Court on Friday ordered Cantt police to lodge FIR against a person allegedly involved in rape of a housemaid.

The judge passed this order while hearing a petition moved by Shakeela Bibi, a housemaid, who was working with a family for last 8 years. The petitioner lady through her counsel told the judge that family head namely Sadfar raped her. She alleged that he kept her detained in the house and raped her.

Fortunately, she said, she escaped from the house and reached the police concerned.

The petitioner said she asked police officers to lodge FIR against Safdar but they refused to do so. Instead of lodging FIR against the accused, police started threatening her, said the petitioner. She pleaded the court to direct police to lodge FIR against the accused.

After hearing the plea, the judge ordered police to lodge FIR against the accused person. Petition disposed off.