Rawalpindi- Defying a ban that was imposed a day earlier, many amateurs and professionals resorted to fly kites across the Rawalpindi city, keeping the local police administration and the police on their toes.

In a hectic attempt, the police and officials of the local administration conducted raids in different areas while making several arrests.

Interestingly, to make the activity more extravagant and regal, many kite-fliers and spectators danced to the beat of drum while music was also relayed on loudspeakers.

As people thronged markets to buy kites, shopkeepers responded with equal eagerness to sell kites and even iron-made strings in violation of the ban on their sale.

As people flew kites in several areas including Pirwadhai, Saadiqabad, Naserabad, Dhoke Illahi, Airport Road, Misrial, Faisal Colony and Dhoke Syedan, viewers and spectators sang in chorus to egg on the kite-fliers to involve them in the activity more engagingly.

The ban and raids on the part of the local administration remained ineffective and futile while kite-fliers enjoyed the activity to satiate their thrust.