LAHORE  - The SNGPL has disconnected 70 industrial and commercial defaulting consumers’ connections having cumulative gas bills default of more than Rs400 million.

The company official said that the disconnection was the biggest move of the SNGPL against defaulters on the direction of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited MD Arif Hameed. As per statement issued on Friday, the SNGPL disconnected 46 industrial and 24 commercial connections during 27 January to 13 February. In this respect following two consumers of Rawalpindi, seven consumers of Sheikhupura, 10 consumers of Islamabad, eight consumers of Peshawar, 16 consumers of Bahawalpur, three consumers of Sargodha, 10 consumers of Lahore, eight consumers of Faisalabad, four consumers of Gujranwala, and one consumer of Multan & Sahiwal regions each were disconnected: The company disconnected M/s Pearl Cng Complex (Rs. 43,992,056), Yasir Abbasi (Rs. 159,085) in Rawalpindi Region.

:M/s Al Rasheed CNG (Rs. 31,112,472), M/S Best Services Station CNG (Rs. 11,171,693), M/S Hashim   Company CNG Station (Rs. 6,242,288), M/S Fametech Ozone CNG Station (Rs. 1,774,040), Faisal Yaqoob (Rs. 3,695,034), Muhammad Afzal Mirza (Rs. 2,073,681), Mehmood Ahmed (Rs. 223,868) in Sheikhupura Region:

M/S Qadir Trader C N G Station (Rs. 26,929,161), M/S Qadir Gas Ways Iv CNG (Rs. 25,346,633), Qadir Gas Ways (Rs. 23,425,925), M/S Abdullah CNG (Rs. 10,328,442), M/S Caltex Oil Pakistan (Ltd) (Rs. 5,998,583) M/S Ittehad Almunium (Rs. 2,822,017), Hazro Cng Station (Rs. 2,688,246), M/S Pintoo CNG Station (Rs. 1,593,516), M/S Indus Cng Station (Rs. 1,469,870), Meraj Muhammad Khan (Rs. 119,423) in Islamabad Region  and M/S Malang CNG Station (Rs. 25,479,238), M/S Malang CNG Link (Rs. 15,120,710), M/S Super Gas CNG Station (Rs. 13,365,533), M/S Malang CNG Filling Station (Rs. 11,250,009), Waqar Gul (Rs. 183,578), Saidwar Khan S/O Ranja Kn (Rs. 170,049), Reshan Din Khan (Rs. 132,881), Muhammad Shafi (Rs. 110,786) Peshawar Region.