Islamabad - The biggest postgraduate college of the city, Islamabad Model Postgraduate College H-8, has only four worn-out buses.

The present rainy season remains the worst for the students due to roof leakage in the buses. Lack of buses for the students is one of the biggest problems of this college. As a result, a considerable number of college students are compelled to use public transport. They are often seen sitting on the roofs of private buses, a very dangerous practice.

The students take at least 30 minutes to recover from the desperate situation of travelling in the private buses and vans, a teacher told The Nation on Friday. Many students who use public vans are badly packed in the vehicles. Chances of viral and bacterial infections increase through direct contact. Many of them get infections from others inside the stuffy vans, he said.

“Two out of four college buses are in the worst condition and are worn-out that are putting the safety of the students in danger. They are old and defective with very old tyres and poorly maintained. The seats are like benches with only a little padding. When the bus bounces and jumps on uneven roads, it is very difficult to save head from the irony roof,” complained a student.

Certainly, the transport system impacts a student’s ability to perform at school. Commuting is a problem in Islamabad because of absence of an effective public transport system.

The total enrolment of the college is about 2,000 but it is unable to provide transport facility to all of its students. Even the available transport facility is insufficient and does not meet the demand of increasing number of students of the federal capital, informed one of the teachers of the college.