The residents of G-9/3 Sector, especially those are the early birds and regular morning walkers, be it men, women, or school and college- going boys and girls, they always come under the attack of one mad dog kept by one rustic family living in a bungalow located on the double road called “Ibne- Sina Road,” near Hockey Ground, leading to Karachi Company for the last four months.

Even today (on February 15, 2016) at 7am sharp I could witness that a few morning walker ladies of the said sector of all age group and college and school going boys and girls came under the attack of this rabid dog and one of them was bitten by the said mad dog. Terrorized people assembled and hurled down stones and bricks at the dog and by this way they all rescued the young girl.

It is noticed that the said mad dog has gone out of control and has bitten many morning walkers and passersby during the past few months. The relevant directorate of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) or that of the Islamabad Capital Territory District Administration is requested to take strict action against such mad dog keepers in the residential sectors of the Federal Capital, Islamabad and also direct such wild dog keepers to hand over them to the concerned national or international organizations for their proper treatment or better eliminate such dogs, once and for, from the residential sectors.


Islamabad, February 15.