ISLAMABAD - Promising hassle-free services at one click, Pakistan's first online legal services have been launched here yesterday.

The portal offers advice, connects to lawyers and gets legal documents delivered straight to client’s doorstep.

Altaf Qureshi, the co-owner of the project, said that the new website will be a combination of law and technology in an innovative and disruptive way.

“We have been realising for the last many years that various clients were not able to get legal services at an affordable rate. Under this project lawyers will get clients and clients will get good lawyers at a price they can afford,” he said.

Qureshi said the website will provide a platform, where clients will get services at a competitive rate.

Explaining the additional services, Qureshi said, if some of his online client (landlord) faces any legal problem from tenant, the firm will issue a legal notice free of cost to the tenant, in addition to up to one hour free consultancy.

He said a database of lawyers would be made and the clients would be matched to those lawyers as per financial and legal requirement.

Qureshi said his office would implement strict quality measures to ensure that the clients get all the services what has been promised, acting as enforcer or regulator.

In case of complaints, company will provide substitute lawyer and will take action against those who breach the contract, as customer satisfaction is our only priority, he said.

If some lawyer provided by the office will not provide proper legal services he or she will be removed from the panel, he explined.

“We have launched the project in Sindh, in coming months we will be in Punjab and soon we will offer all legal services throughout Pakistan,” Qureshi said.