The moment you step into Tuscany Courtyard, expect to be hit by a wave of tasteful elegance. Lively lunches in Lahore sometimes verge on boisterous, however, Tuscany successful maintains a classy, yet vibrant and entertaining, atmosphere, which gives the feel of Italian lifestyle. This restaurant was first opened in Islamabad in 2012 and after a huge success it has made a name for itself in Lahore. One can enjoy a wide range of scrumptious food at an ideal location on MM Alam.

The decor is busy (in a good way) and abundant with rich colours – I find my eyes continuously wandering across the wall – and furniture decorated according to the architecture of Italy. The interior of the restaurant is done by Ali Umer Alvi. The team was attentive without being intrusive, well versed on the offering and always on hand if needed.

If you are a salad lover then this place is a perfect destination to drop by. Tasty yet juicy, Tuscany offers the best salads in town. One should order Grilled Chicken Pesto Salad or Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. The unique flavor and dish presentation along with it really stood out.

Coming towards the appetizer, they have the best Wasabi Prawns, crispy and tossed in wasabi mayonnaise and served on a bed of lettuce. The prawns were perfectly fried and full of flavor. Altogether, the prawns were 8/10.

To begin, we opted for the main course where we could find a variety of cuisines, from sea food to thin crust pizza or from Italian to Thai, which is enough to appeal to almost anyone who loves great food.

Grilled Chicken in Lemon Butter Sauce:

The dish came in a platter form. The chicken was grilled and cooked in lemon butter sauce topped with artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes and served with gratin potato and sautéed vegetables. It was perfectly grilled and had sauce with a good lemon flavor. The dish was 7.5/10.

Pollo Tuscan:

The chicken breast pieces were stuffed with spinach and it was fired, which gave a look of golden brown served with Tuscan sauce and garlic rice. The chicken was perfectly tender and melted in mouth. This dish was rated 9/10.


This shouldn't be missed at any cost, as it’s worth dying for. One must try their pepper steak or New York steak. The steak arrived in a perfect medium rare. It was seasoned with just the right amount of creamy sauce with a side of mashed or baked potato with sautéed vegetables. It is definitely something we will visit Tuscany for again. Steak takes the highest 9.5/10.


We were tempted by the chocolate fudge brownie skillet which was specially recommended by the owner. A moist brownie slice was served on a sizzling skillet topped with hot chocolate fudge. Each bite of the chocolate fudge brownie was hot, cold and fiery with almond crunch and sliced bananas. It was an incredibly delicious experience. We rated the chocolate fudge brownie skilled 9/10.

In a nutshell, Tuscany Coutyard is a great dining experience which will satisfy your craving for Italian cuisine, plus it is a great place for steak lovers. For a stylish evening out with friends, paired with sophisticated dining, this is a great place one must try.