The genius philosophy of ‘Divide and Rule’ combined with good diplomacy and conspiracies with local population, which had been introduced by Britain and France, hundred years ago, successfully continues till today. Accordingly, after the defeat of the ruler of Osmanian Empire Turkey by Britain and France during the First World War in 1914, both Britain and France under a secret pact between them, had forced Turkey to roll back and with the help of understandings, promises and assurances with local Arab rulers, the entire Middle East had been divided into small units, put under the influence of both Britain and France and the geography of entire Middle East had been changed. The same old formula of ‘Divide and Rule’ had later on been applied by Britain in India and successfully ruled it for two hundred years.

The ‘League of Nations’ had been founded after the First World War to maintain global peace with its headquarters in Switzerland. At the end of the Second World War, the League of Nations had been replaced by United Nations and its headquarter shifted to New York, USA. The United Nation is composed of six principal organs like General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, the Secretariat, International Court of Justice and United Nations Trustee Shop Council. The United Nation’s primary purpose is to promote and encourage the respect of human rights and to ensure fundamental freedom for all without distinction of cast, race, language and religion. The post Second World War worst part of tragedy was that both USA and Britain under a secret pre-war pact with Zionist Jews had played a dirty role with local Palestinian population and implanted an independent sovereign state of Israel on the soil of Palestine without caring for the genuine rights and aspirations of the people of Palestine. This was the first breach of UN Charter.

The Security Council has always played positive and constructive role in many fields like health, forests, generous material aids in global disasters and at difficult times. USA, Britain, France, Russia and China are the permanent members of Security Council and each one of them has been decorated with a Veto Power to reject any Security Council resolution if it is against the national and political interests of any of them. The undeniable fact is that the Jews living in USA although in small numbers but are so strong, powerful and influential that they effectively control and dominate the economy and the political policies of USA. They exercise their influence through their most powerful print and electronic media. This is why the Security Council has failed to stop barbarism and human rights violations by Israel against Palestinians.

The people of Indian Occupied Kashmir who have been struggling hard for self-determination and freedom since 1947 is today burning and has become a nuclear flash point. This struggle has flared up and become from bad to worse, out of control of huge Indian army and police, who are killing unarmed Kashmiris, firing into the eyes of children and are committing gross human right violations under the long curfew imposed by the Indian army, people are restricted to their homes without food and medicine. It is shameful that this is happening right in front of the eyes of Security Council, human rights champions. In spite of this neither the Security Council is taking notice of it nor is the Indian so called world’s biggest democratic Government is allowing any foreign media or human rights organisations to go and assess the gravity of situation in the Indian held Kashmir and inform the world community about it.

The permanent members of the Security Council know well that Kashmir is not a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan which should be resolved by the bilateral talks as is frequently advised in the US foreign office press briefings. Bilateral talks continued for seventy years. They should also remember that Kashmir is an international issue still on record of the Security Council resolution for the self determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir but unfortunately has not been implemented till today for the last seventy years. Once again today after a hundred years, Middle East has become the focus of attention and the interest of western countries and under a great game its geography is being changed according to their interests.

The great game had started when both USA and Britain under the pretext that the President Saddam Hussain of Iraq had been producing weapons of mass destruction, under a hurriedly passed resolution of Security Council, and attacked Iraq during which millions of people had been killed, the entire country destroyed and devastated, its President Saddam Hussain captured, humiliated before the world and at the end hanged him to death. Interestingly, the report about the production of weapons of mass destruction had proved wrong by their own national and international agencies.

Afterwards, the US and the NATO forces together in the name of “War on Terrorism” had attacked on Afghanistan against Al-Quida and this war continues till today, undecided. Most of the foreign forces exhausted and forced to quit Afghanistan by Taliban forces. In Middle East a mysterious Muslim terrorist organisation ISIS has been created by the axis of evil powers, under the leadership of Baghdadi with its headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq. Change in the geography of Middle East is inevitable. With the passage of time and the global interests of its members, the Security Council has become a political organisation.

Every permanent member of Security Council has its national and international, political, economic obligation with outside world, as a result of which, the Security Council has failed to resolve the global issues like those of Kashmir, Gaza and stop gross continuous human rights violations due to its bias, discriminatory approach and its double standards. The UN Security Council has therefore become irrelevant organisation and its role controversial. It should be organised on democratic basis and its Veto Power needs to be reviewed. The views expressed are entirely my personal and the general public opinion.