KARACHI - The Sindh Assembly on Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolution to pay tribute to the PPP lawmaker Rubina Qaimkhani for coming out to vote for Senate elections despite her son’s death last night in a road accident. The resolution said that Qaimkhani came to vote for Senate elections despite the body of her son still at her home.

The resolution was tabled by PPP lawmaker Saira Shahliani. It is pertinent to motion here that Qaimkhani’s son died in the night of March 02 in a road accident but she came to vote for the party candidate the next morning and the funeral prayers of her son was offered after that.

The mover said that the lawmaker expressed her commitment for the democratic process through this act.

Advisor to CM Sindh on Social Welfare Shamim Mumtaz said that on one hand there is lawmaker who came even after death of his son to fulfill her democratic responsibilities and on the other hand, there is a party leader who abstained from voting process without any reasons.

MQM-P parliamentary leader Syed Sardar Ahmed said that it is the most tragic moment when the parents have the body of their children in front of them but coming out to vote even in this situation from PPP lawmaker has set a great example.    

She should be applauded for understanding the sanctity of vote.

PML-N lawmaker Sorath Thebo said that Rubina Qaimkhani proved that she stood with the principles and it also proved that women perform their responsibilities better than anyone else.

Meanwhile, the Sind Assembly Session on Tuesday began almost two hours late with deputy speaker Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza in the chair. The house witnessed a verbal brawl between the MQM-P defector Nadeem Razi and MQM-P lawmaker Mehfooz Yar Khan when the latter prayed for the guidance for the ‘zamir farosh’ a term used by MQM-P against those who had defected to PSP.

This infuriated the PSP leader Nadeem Razi who exchanged heated words but later the issue was settled down after interference from the deputy speaker.

The House also prayed for the recovery of MQM-P lawmaker Shazia Farooq whose son claimed that her mother swallowed excess sleeping pills after being exhausted over allegations from MQM-P regarding taking money from PPP to vote for their candidate.

The House also adopted a resolution demanding to declare 20th March as a public holiday on the day of martyrdom of Sain Sooryah Badshah in the province.

The resolution was tabled by PML-F Lawmaker Waryam Faqeer and was unanimously adopted by the house. Paying tribute to Sooryah Badshah, the PML-F lawmaker said that he laid down great history of resistance against invaders and is the hero of the country.

“A public holiday should be declared on his martyrdom day so that the young generations could also be informed regarding his struggle,” he said.

Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah supported the resolution and said that it was the PPP government that had laid down the tradition of holiday on his martyrdom day.

MQM Parliamentary Leader Syed Sardar said that Sooryah Badshah and his Hurs fought for the Hindustan and Sindh land and hundreds were martyred during their struggle.

PML-F lawmaker Saeed Khan Nizamani said that Sooryah Badshah was a hero of the entire country and instead of announcing holiday in province there should be a countrywide holiday to pay tribute to his struggle.

Meanwhile, a privilege motion from PML-F lawmaker Nand Kumar against a provincial assembly employee Haroon was also sent to the assembly’s standing committee on privileges. The lawmaker alleged that the employee had misbehaved with him and even used abusive words against his late father.

The minister for parliamentary affairs condemned the incident and even the deputy speaker also said that no one has the right to use abusive language against the lawmaker or anyone else.

The mater was sent to privileges committee and directed to submit report by Monday.

The House also approved two bills of universities from opposition and treasury benches.

A bill to establish Pakistan University was tabled by PPP Lawmaker Ghazala Sial which was adopted with a majority vote. Opposition lawmakers from MQM-P and PTI raised objections over used of word Pakistan for the university and argued that if discrepancy would occur in the university then it would be associated with the country and could bring a bad name to it.

The objection was however rejected by the treasury benches and the bill was passed with a majority vote.

Another bill for the Usman Institute of Technology University was tabled by MQM-P MPA Farhat Seemi and was adopted by the house unanimously.

Moreover, the house also adopted three more private members resolutions. They include a resolution from PML-F lawmaker Nand Kumar asking the Sindh government to approach Federal Government and its authorities to ensure that the Oil and Gas producing talukas and districts get certain part from that royalty and development work.

MQM-P lawmaker Engineer Sabir Hussain Kaimkhani tabled a resolution calling for the “Net Zero Energy Buildings” in major cities of Sindh be introduced and legislation be made in this regard.

Dr Zafar Ahmed Khan Kamali also tabled a resolution to establish an Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases at Mirpurkhas.