LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said the government will continue serving the masses with dedication despite hue and cry of the opposition.

“Providing best healthcare and educational facilities to the people is among the top priorities of the Punjab government and use of information technology in the education sector has given wonderful results,” he said on Tuesday.

The CM said that Punjab government’s efforts for reducing drop out ratio have proved fruitful.

He said that outsourcing of schools has helped in improving the quality of education and added that this outsourcing model will be further promoted. He said that teachers are the worthwhile architects of bright future of the country and giving them high social status and respect and honor is our moral obligation. The teachers’ training programs will be continued to improve the overall quality of education and latest concepts and educational models will be utilized for giving world-class training to the teachers.

He said that thousands of new classrooms are being constructed in public sector schools across the province. It is expected that availability of new classrooms will help to increase the enrolment ratio in the schools.

Meanwhile, Rs8 billion is being spent for repair and maintenance of dilapidated school buildings. It is satisfying to note that Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) has emerged as the largest stipend program of its kind in the whole of South Asia. Under this project, more than Rs15.5 billion has been distributed among the needy but bright students as stipends. The number of PEEF scholars has risen to 3.5 lakh and it is undoubtedly the most vibrant social change at the grassroots. This scholarship program has enabled the brilliant students to shoulder the process of national development in their respective fields. The Chief Minister said that provision of high-quality education to all the children is the first priority of the Punjab government and no child will remain deprived of base right of education due to lack of resources. Serving the hapless communities is my mission and no stone will be left unturned to rid the people of their deprivations, Shehbaz said.

The elements involved in the politics of agitation, chaos and sit-ins have been defeated, he said. By rejecting the elements involved in negative politics, people have given a clear message that there is no room for politics of anarchy, he said.

The chief minister said that public service is pivot of the politics of PML-N and due to this people have given it precedence in every election. The people are desirous of national development and prosperity and recent by-elections have proved that the masses want a continuity of PML-N’s policies. He said that PML-N is the most popular political party in the country due to its positive style of politics. The elements engaged in levelling baseless allegations will not get anything except a sense of penitence. In the next elections, people will reaffirm PML-N’s policies through their vote, he added.

The chief minister said that loyalty to the PML-N runs in the blood of people and they have given mammoth acceptability to this party due to its practical steps for public welfare. He reiterated that well being of the masses and improving the quality of their life was priority of the PML-N and added that projects aimed at giving a respectable social status to the general public through improvement in quality of life would be accelerated if his party gets an opportunity to serve the public again. He said that defeat has become the fate of those involved in sit-ins and politics of agitation because change was ensured through practical steps instead of hollow slogans. Practical steps of the PML-N government are a guarantee to national development and this is the real change at the grassroots.

Levelling baseless allegations and negative politics is not public service because positive behaviour results in public service and national development. He said that hearts of the people can be won by prioritizing the public service. My heart beats with the people and I have always remained busy in serving the masses, he said.

The chief minister said that so-called claimants of change have nothing to offer to the masses. “Niazi Sahib has wasted five years in sit-ins, lockdowns and the politics of allegations. Instead of serving the people in his province, Imran Niazi tried to obstruct the journey of development in Punjab. People will not forgive the elements who wasted their time. He said “development work in Punjab is an example of its own and we shall go in the public court with full confidence in the next general elections. If voters select us in 2018, the journey of national development will be carried out with more vigour and zeal, he concluded.