QILA DIDAR SINGH-Two women, selling blankets in Alam Chowk locality, intoxicated a housewife and made off with cash, gold jewellery and other valuables here the other day.

According to locals, the incident occurred after Tayyeba, wife of Abu Bakr, bade the women selling blankets enter her house. The women offered Tayyeba to sense 'pleasant smell' of the blankets. Tayyeba fell unconscious as soon as she pulled a blanket close to her nostrils. The women removed gold earrings from Tayyeba's ears, stole a cell phone and Rs37,000 from a wardrobe and fled. Tayyeba was shifted to hospital for medical treatment.


A man committed suicide by consuming poison after being denied his right in father's property at Harlanwali village. Absar Ahmed, 35, father of four girls, took wheat-preservative pills after his father Manzoor Ahmed, in a Panchayat, denied to give him right in his property.


Local PML-N leader Nazar Hussain Alvi, father-in-law of Union Council (UC) Chehl Kalan chairman Khawar Abbas Awan, was laid to rest in a local graveyard. He had died after prolonged illness. Hundreds of people belonging to all walks of life including PML-N leader Mudassir Qayyum Nahra, Gujranwala District Council chairman Ch Mazhar Qayyum Nahra, MNA Ch Azhar Qayyum Nahra and MPAs - Ch RAfaqat Gujjar, Ashraf Warraich and Ch Saifullah Virk attended his funeral offered at Qila Didar Singh.

On the other hand, Baryar Welfare Society president Ch Abdul Rehman died. His funeral was offered at suburban village Chak Agu. Local political and social figures attended his funeral.

Moreover, Sheikh Ismail, elder brother of Municipal Committee general councillor Sheikh Fiaz Ahmed, died. His funeral was offered at central graveyard of Qila Didar Singh. Local political leaders attended his funeral.