It is a matter of great concern that these days, caesarean cases at the time of delivery by pregnant women are at steady rise. It is beyond comprehension that right from the point of pregnancy report till the time of delivery, doctors keep insisting that there is nothing adverse regarding the pregnancy, and everything seems normal. Ultrasound reports testify the same, but when the ninth month is about to be completed, doctors start commenting that if birth pangs are not felt timely, it could be a caesarean case. They say this is mainly owing to breech position of the baby, and hence vaginal birth is not recommended as it could harm the baby. When a baby is positioned bottom-down in the womb is called a breech position and breech birth requires careful consideration.

The question is: how and why are the majority of delivery cases turning into caesarean cases instead of natural birth? Do babies flip their location in the womb at the eleventh hour just before delivery? There is something fishy, and if doctors will keep insisting on caesarean deliveries just for longer medical procedures and greater fees, then women are placed at unnecessary risk and disadvantage. Doctors need to be sincere with their profession.


Karachi, February 22.