ISLAMABAD-Beauty is said to be skin deep, but in this case, it’s also about what’s on the surface.

A series of different kinds of electricity, administered to the face via micro currents, in a safe manner, is said to be the new secret to great skin. It’s said to come with a host of benefits including reducing puffiness, boosting lymphatic drainage, tightening the pores and toning the skin. And it’s got the A-list raving over it. The regimen is big in the West. The likes of Jennifer Aniston, Eva Mendes, Margot Robbie, Sandra Bullock and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are said to have liked it.

Melanie Simon, an aesthetician in Los Angeles, who gives the facials with the help of an at-home nano current device, says that Sandra (Bullock) told her that it keeps her face from ‘sliding down to the ground’. The gadget, which looks like a particularly nice computer mouse rimmed with gold, has also caught on with celebrity make-up artists.