ISLAMABAD                  -            Though MQM-P, the important ally of PTI government, has separately been approached by main opposition players [PML-N and PPP-P], yet it has no intentions to either join the Sindh government or sit on opposition benches in the centre.

The MQM-P, having seven seats in National Assembly, around two months before was offered by PPP-P co-chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to join hands with them in Sindh government. The MQM, however, declined the offer.

Both PPP-P and PML-N are increasing their contacts with the MQM-P at a crucial political situation, when MQM-P has serious reservations with the ruling party.

MQM-P chief Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, around two months ago, had distanced himself from the federal cabinet and still the PTI remains failed to woo him.

The premier had repeated sent his senior party members to meet the MQM leadership and remove their reservations. The MQM-P wants solution to its issues, including reopening of its sealed offices, recovery of MQM-P missing persons and matters related to the release of package for Karachi Municipal Corporation.

Talking to The Nation, MQM-P MNA Salahuddin said: “The doors of political party are always open for all political factions.”

He said that his party has no intentions to part ways with the PTI government or join the Sindh government.

However, he remarked that MQM-P has also still not reached consensus to rejoin the federal cabinet.

“The ruling party has still not fully addressed our reservations,” he said, mentioning that they had never been in favour of toppling any government in past. “Toppling government never serves real purpose, as political parties should find solutions of issues to provide maximum relief to masses,” he said.

MQM-P, around two months back, had created unrest in the PTI ranks by suddenly announcing to distance itself from the federal cabinet.

The sudden visit of PML-N senior members the other day was taken as quite surprising in political arena, as the romance between PML-N and MQM had never been witnessed in the political history.

Political gurus view that the recent visit could be the part of the PML-N strategy to meet all political and religio-political parties to explore the possibilities about their possible anti-government drive. This visit could be a political gimmick as MQM-P these days is unhappy with the ruling party.