The question of worldwide food shortages is lately in the news. Isn't there enough food for all? The answer is: food-grain production is more than enough to feed all people of the world, but a part of it is being diverted to other uses. Some of the food-grains are being used as animal feed, to produce meat for the relatively rich. Food-grains are also being diverted towards the manufacture of ethanol, for use as fuel, due to high oil prices. This leaves the poor hungry, for they do not have the purchasing power to compete successfully with the rich in the market place. As the population grows, there would be need for more food, especially in Pakistan. Food production can be increased but, to do so, we shall have to incur higher costs. This will further put food out of the reach of the poor. We should get ready to subsidize food prices for the rural and urban poor. The crisis is that of purchasing power, not of the availability or production of food. -ASAF ALI SHAH, Lahore, via e-mail, April 23.