I was astounded to hear the decision of the Appellate Forum regarding Shoaib Akhtar. Normally when such inexplicable things happen we attribute the whole matter to a 'foreign hand', the Indian secret service RAW, the Americans, or if all else fails our own 'ISI'. I wonder which of these shadowy agencies will be confered with the honour for this sudden change of heart? Be that as it may I would for the record like to say that this single individual has done more to bring the game of cricket into disrepute than all other factors you could imagine. Is he not the same person who was involved with drugs? Is he not the same person who hit his teammate with a cricket bat? Is he not the same person who was suspected of ball tampering? If he is then why this leniency? I do not think that this decision will bring any credit to Pakistan cricket.-PERVEZ MASUD, Lahore, May 6.