ONCE again, the Chaudhrys of Gujrat have been engaged in mudslinging. This time they have levelled charges against Shahbaz Sharif saying that he was intent on destroying the Bank of Punjab. The accusation comes in the wake of high-profile arrests of the bank management including its Chairman Hamesh Khan, who was allegedly involved in corruption and mismanagement. There were reports that the bank's management had committed serious irregularities at the behest of the previous Punjab Government. A private TV channel had unveiled a fraud worth Rs13 billion. Loans given to the cronies of the former government had been written off, the channel reported. Since it is a huge amount of public money that is at stake, it is hoped that a thorough probe of the activities of the arrested officials would be conducted. Also, the principal beneficiaries of the money have to be identified. One fails to understand why the Chaudhry brothers are so perturbed over the action. They only wash their linen in public when they blame the PML-N leader of being a bank defaulter. Such accusations only go against their promise of playing the role of a constructive opposition.