One is unable to understand Pakistan government's cavalier attitude towards talks with the leaders of Balochistan. They are neither involved in suicide attacks, nor in killings of any government officials. On the other hand, government is forging efforts for talks with the so-called militants of NWFP who are alleged perpetrators of suicide attacks and killings in Pakistan. The UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband also backed talks with militants but forgot to ask the Pakistan government to have talks with not-quite-militant leaders of Balochistan. This PPP led coalition government must hold talks without any delay with Baloch Sardars to end frustration there. It should give them a sense that there is no issue with them. And the development projects may be launched here as soon as possible so that the 47 percent of Pakistan, Balochistan, is not deprived of its basic rights. -INAYATULLAH RUSTAMANI, Dadu, via e-mail, April 22.