LAHORE - Speakers at a debate on the devolution of power among provinces and federal government unanimously urged that the formation of a think tank is necessary to resolve national issues. They said the number of provinces should be increased through referendum and job security must be provided to the dejected Baloch. The discussion programme held under the aegis of Hamdard thinkers forum, was held here at Hamdard Center on Wednesday. The meeting was chaired by Justice Allah Dad and attended by participants from different walks of life. Speaking on the topic, the speakers were of the view that the formation of a think tank was need of the hour to overcome all national crises besides taking concrete measures to develop harmony among all the four provinces of the country. They said that Punjab and other provinces should offer sacrifice rather than blaming Baloch leaders. They also said that the Baloch leaders should be given a chance to contest election from Punjab, for their easier approach in the Assembly. Justice Allah Dad said that patriotism and honesty were in the instinct of man so we should utilise them properly. We should get advice from Quaid that Pakistan is for masses. At the time when Pakistan came into being, Balochistan was promised for federation but it has not been fulfilled yet, he added. Balochistan demands share in power and proper education for people as did East Pakistan, he maintained. He suggested that Atta Ullah Mangal and Khair Buksh Mari should be invited for talks and election commission be reformed. Khalid Ranjha said that everyone considered himself an intellectual and was busy in only blaming and suggesting. Collective think tank is necessary to point out problems and to recommend its solutions, he added. He said that the second major problem is about the governance. Neglecting Balochistan is a major threat to Pakistan solidarity therefore, we should redress the grievances of people of Balochistan on emergent basis, he maintained. On this occasion, JI leader Fareed Paracha suggested that the constitution of Pakistan should be followed in its letter and spirit. The number of federal ministries should be minimized to 9 or10; army operation should be ended and cases of Akbar Bugti and missing persons should be taken up on priority basis, he recommended. He further said that debate on Kalabagh Dam and construction of Gawadar Port was also necessary. Moreover, he was of the view that solution of all the problems rest with the establishment of an Islamic society in the country. Dr MA Sufi said that the federation should not be weakened at any cost but the provincial autonomy should be given to all provinces. He said that poverty was the root cause of Balochistans current situation, saying that a think tank should be constituted to bring out the solution to all national issues. Qayyum Nizami said that Pakistan was passing through a critical situation at present. He further said that Pakistans leadership had not worked for a strong federation that resulted into the separation of East Pakistan. He alleged that the dictators had time and again violated the constitution of 1973 that aggravated countrys problems and miseries of the common people. He also added that there was no rule of law in Pakistan rather the principle of might is right was being observed. Brig (retd) Zafar Iqbal suggested that provincial autonomy should be given to all provinces and if needed more provinces should be created. Amer Ahmad said that strong federation could not be possible without ensuring provincial autonomy. He also emphasized upon the need of an equal and effective education system in all the provinces. Federal government should not interfere in maintaining law and order in the provinces unless the provinces request for same. Raja Latif, Chaudhry Bashir, Prof Humayun Ehsan, Begum Shaista and Mian Parvez Nawaz also spoke on this occasion.