KARACHI - Chairman CNG Owners Association Pakistan Khuda Bakhsh has said that the CNG stations in Sindh and Balochistan will remain closed on Friday as there is no problem of the gas pressure in the provinces like Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. He was talking with The Nation on Thursday regarding the All Pakistan CNG Associations decision to not to close the stations in Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa as per schedule announced by the govt to overcome the energy crisis. Khuda Bakhsh said that Sindh and Balochistan are receiving a good gas pressure and the consumers of both the provinces have no objection on the load shedding issue. He said that there is a problem of gas pressure and duration of the loadshedding in Punjab and KP that is why the APCA denying to accept the government policy for the closure. It is pertinent to mention here that the All Pakistan CNG Association on Thursday has decided to not to close the CNG stations in Punjab and KP on Tuesdays and they had demanded the govt to review the decision and the exemption of gas load management plan. According to the APCA Chairman Gayas Paracha a resolution was unanimously passed during the meeting of the association held in Lahore on Thursday in which it was decided that the CNG stations of the provinces will not be closed on Tuesdays because the government has failed to tackle the energy crisis issue as the sector was already enjoying the total 80 percent of the total gas. He said that a countrywide campaign will be started for the consensus over the decision for the load shedding. We co-operated the government by closing our CNG stations for one day but all in vain, the energy crisis still remains worst so we have decided to not close down our CNG stations till the fulfilment of our demands and for consensus over this decision we are going to start a countrywide campaign he added.