There are no two opinions that Pakistan direly needs civil nuclear technology. One for boosting power generation and overcoming the persisting loadshedding in the country. But the multi-billion question is that how can we get it? Those preaching friendship with India day in and day out are, deliberately or otherwise, overlooking the dirty role New Delhi is playing for quite some time to cause maximum harm to Pakistan in every possible manner. The bitter fact is that India has blocked the way of Pakistan in securing civil nuclear technology for boosting power generation. India is playing a very sinister game by constantly drawing the attention of US, France, Germany, Britain and other countries to Pakistans bad track record in the context of nuclear proliferation. This is a reference to our nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khans crime of technology smuggling to other countries and then making a public admission of the same in 2004. It is also a matter of record that the disgraced nuclear scientists nuclear proliferation smuggling network has since been broken. But the foreign powers are somehow not quite ready to believe this nor our diplomatic missions in Washington, London, Bonn, Paris and elsewhere have been able to put forth Islamabads point of view emphatically in this regard to effectively and aggressively counter Indias persistent malicious propaganda. Islamabads efforts to secure civil nuclear technology for boosting power generation, thus, stand blocked. After the hope of getting civil nuclear technology have dimmed out, the only option we have now is exploitation of coal reserves in Sindh and elsewhere in the country. -EHSANUL HAQ QAZI, Lahore, May 6.