The Chairman Senate, Mr. Farooq H.Naek has said that the UN must play a more active role in addressing half a century old problems of Kashmir and Palestine, which emanate from constant denial of the inalienable right to self-determination to their respective peoples. He was talking to the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Dr. Abdussalam Treki, currently on a 4-days visit to Pakistan, who called on him at the Parliament House, Islamabad. The Chairman said perpetual non-resolution of these issues is not only posing a serious threat to peace and tranquility in South Asia and Middle East respectively but also paving the way for violence and turmoil in these regions. "The freedom struggle of the Kashmiris and Palestinians derive legitimacy from the respective UN Resolutions, which should be implemented in letter and spirit to resolve these long outstanding issues in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people of these areas", he observed. Mr. Naek further added that terrorists and extremists have no faith or religion. Each and every religion in the world forbids killing of innocent peoples. He regretted attempts to associate Islam with terrorism and observed that there is a need to present Islam and its teaching in their true light. He said that Pakistan itself is the biggest victim of the menace of terrorism and the country lost one of its greatest leaders Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto to this scourge. He went on to add that despite heavy odds the country is facing, it would continue its struggle to stamp out terrorism and extremism. "Our commitment to combat terror remains firm and strong", he added. He also reiterated Pakistan's strong commitment to the principles of the UN Charter. The Chairman said that Pakistan and Libya enjoy time tested close and cordial relations. This, he said is a manifestation of the shared vision of shaheed Z.A. Bhutto and Colonel Qaddafi of Libya which laid the foundations for a deep and emotional bond between the two brotherly countries. He reminded that Colonel Qaddafi was the only foreign leader who ever addressed a public meeting in Pakistan when he visited the country in connection with the historic Islamic Summit in 1974. The Chairman Senate urged the President of the UNGA to play his due role in lifting trade restrictions from Pakistan adding that such a scenario would help in alleviating poverty and empowering the people economically. Underscoring the importance of Arabic language, he suggested that the teaching of the language be made compulsory in the Islamic countries. The President of the UNGA endorsed the views expressed by the Chairman and observed that breach of international law and UN conventions by some states must not go unnoticed. The two sides supported non-discriminatory approaches nuclear non-proliferation and agreed that renewed efforts be made to return normalcy to strife torn regions in the world particularly Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine. It may be mentioned that President UNGA Mr. Abdussalam Treki, belongs to Libya.