ISLAMABAD Pakistan on Thursday took a defensive position on Ajmal Kasabs case and said that the legal experts would study the judgement in detail. We have seen the reported judgment regarding Ajmal Kasabs case. Our legal experts need to go through the detailed judgment, Foreign Office Spokesperson, Abdul Basit said during a weekly press briefing. At this stage what I can tell you is that Pakistan had strongly condemned the horrific Mumbai attacks. It is important that the culprits should be brought to justice, Abdul Basit said when questioned, what is the policy statement of the Government of Pakistan on the death sentence awarded to Ajmal Kasab by an Indian court. On Faisal Shahzad issue, the Spokesperson said that Pakistan strongly condemned the failed New Yorks Times Square bombing. Such despicable acts of terror only fortify the resolve of the international community to join hands to eliminate this pernicious evil, he added. The Government and the people of Pakistan, being the victim of terrorism, fully share the indignation of the American people. We will extend full cooperation to the US Government in the investigation process, Basit informed media men. When asked what legal assistance does Pakistan provide to its nationals living abroad, the Spokesperson said that Pakistan provided legal assistance to its nationals living abroad whenever they were in difficulty or nabbed by any foreign country. We do make sure that a proper legal advice and defence counsel is provided to them, as we have done in the case of Dr Afia Siddiqui. The Government of Pakistan does take care of its nationals and we do provide legal assistance to our nationals whenever it is required, Basit added. Replying to another query, he said that Indian violation of the Indus Water Treaty and water management inside Pakistan were two different issues and these were being dealt separately. The Spokesperson added that no meeting between Indian and Pakistani officials was scheduled yet. However, as the prime ministers of Pakistan and India had agreed at Thimphu, Pakistan would like the foreign ministers of both the countries to meet as soon as possible in order to take the peace process forward. Replying to a question, the Spokesperson clarified that the Government of Pakistan never asked for Kasabs extradition rather it was the courts decision. Regarding Dr Afia Siddiquis case, Basit said that Pakistan, on many occasions, requested the US Government for her repatriation. However, the legal process had started and a judgment was passed against her. So now we have to wait for a sentence to be announced but at the same time we are making all possible efforts for her repatriation on humanitarian grounds. Replying to another question, Abdul Basit said that Pakistan had no objection on the inclusion of India in the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project. We always thought that India would be part of the project, as it was originally a part of it. However, subsequently India decided not to join the project. As you all know that energy is a serious problem in Pakistan. We want implementation of this project quickly but there are certain provisions in the agreement, which can allow India to join subsequently, he added.