If I get into my car and deliberately drive in a manner that is likely to cause death, either my own or of others in the vehicle, or worse still, innocents using the road, this is not accidental death or even manslaughter. It is murder. When those who race cars or engage in other forms of reckless road use are given lenient punishments for car racing, they cause other deaths. And this abhorrent and dangerous pastime continues unabated. I dont see why there should be any leniency considering there have been enough deaths due to this 'sport. I think the age for acquiring a licence should be raised. The worst drivers are those who drive vehicles of MNAs, MPAs, vaderas, bureaucrats, judges, pirs, landlords and children of the rich people. And they all use huge SUVs. This class shows no regard for rules and the traffic police just does not have the courage to check this class. I have seen drivers that obviously belonged to this class turning right from the lane in extreme left and then go on to violate the red light. They often drive in two lanes simultanously and also overtake in a highly dangerous manner. But, then, this is a land of lawless people. -DR. NEELUM SHAHBAZ, Lahore, May 6.