LAHORE - The courts at the subordinate level are burdened with work as each of the judges in session and civil courts has hundreds of cases pending before him, which he is bound to hear and decide on daily basis. On Wednesday, in the court of district and sessions judge the cause list comprised 64 cases of various nature. Similarly the cause list displayed outside the two family courts had 111 and 134 cases respectively which is obviously a tiresome job demanding of the judicial officer to sit in a room more time than duty hours without electricity and other amenities. Reliable sources from the judicial department revealed to this scribe that pendency of suits before each court in the lower judiciary should be minimum 500 and maximum 1,000 during a month. But 2,000 suits were pending before every family court on average and if a judge disposes of 200 cases each month almost the same number of fresh cases are marked for hearing keeping the backlog intact. At the end of a month the court had the same number of pendency of suits, the sources said. Another reliable source said it was not possible for a judge to hear more than two hi-profile cases in a day. Some files are so voluminous and bulky that the sight of which rises temperature. Hearing hundreds of lawyers each day and dictating orders and judgements is certainly a Herculean task for the judges of lower judiciary. Besides, the lawyers too keep on arguing sometimes uselessly to give vent to their emotions against their opponent as well as to make show of their ability to impress the clients, he further said. Hearing and dictating orders for a large number of cases daily is quite a difficult task, said Chairman Rights Lawyers Forum M Riaz Anjum advocate. Although a large number of cases were adjourned owing to the absence of any of the party or the counsel appearing on their behalf, he said, adding a judge gave his ear to each of the advocate from both the sides. Sometimes the cases are so complicated that sufficient time is required even to go through the files and understand the complex provisions of law involving therein. The judges deserve appreciation and applause that they keep on working despite repeated power tripping during the working hours, the advocate further said. Another lawyer Khursheed Iqbal Mughal said the lawyers too had to face difficulties in such circumstances as it was not possible for an advocate to wait outside the court the entire day to wait for his file to be presented before the judge. They visit the court many times, as they have to appear in other courts as well, he said. Each court had hundreds of cases that were simply not possible to be heard by a judge, he concluded. Keeping in view the ratio of pendency of cases in the lowers courts, justice demands the judges should be relieved of the heavy burden they are facing while providing justice to the people. It is the need of the hour that more judges are appointed in the lowers courts not only for the sake of providing some relief to the judicial officers but to also do a complete justice with cases, concluded Nisar Ahmad Sekhu advocate, who had spent all the day just to appear in one case before the session court, but he failed to get his turn as the court time was over.