KHANEWAL/SAHIWAL/FAISALABAD - PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has said that May 11 is not merely an election day, but the day to change destiny of the country and fate of the people.

“We will make the country powerful, peaceful and a developed nation. A bullet train will be launched from Khyber to Karachi, Faisalabad-Multan Motorway will be linked to Kabirwala and the Motorway will be extended to Karachi,” the PML-N chief said, addressing a public gathering at the ground of Government High School Kabirwala in constituency of NA-156, Khanewal-1.

According to reliable sources and police, more than 15,000 people were present at the public gathering to hear the speech of their leader. In this constituency, former National Assembly speaker Fakhar Imam is contesting on the PML-N ticket while independent candidate Raza Hayat Hiraj and Syed Khawar Ali Shah of PTI are also in the run. Thousands of PML-N workers holding the party flags, banners and placards were chanting slogans.

He reiterated revolutionary steps would be taken to accelerate economic growth and farmers provided with incentives to enable them to increase their produce. He promised to provide loans to jobless youth for business activities, besides ensuring education facilities for the progress of the country. He further promised to minimise unemployment and poverty after coming to power.

Nawaz Sharif alleged PPP and PML-Q had assigned their election campaign to the leader of another party and were backing PTI. He challenged President Zardari to come out himself and face PML-N, adding PPP and PML-Q had totally lost their worth in the public due to their defective policies and for ignoring the common man during the last five years of their rule.

Nawaz Sharif said Zardari and his allies had looted the national resources ruthlessly, pushed the country and the nation into darkness and set such records of corruption as could not be broken by anyone in future. He said they had deprived the masses of livelihood, just filled their pockets and made the nation bankrupt. He vowed that PML-N on coming to power would remove darkness, unemployment, poverty and terrorism from the country.

He reiterated that projects like Metro Bus would be launched in big cities throughout the country, including Karachi, and a new era of development started. He said the Punjab government had completed mega development projects expeditiously in a very transparent manner throughout the province during the last five years, which were unprecedented. He added a revolutionary policy had been evolved for equipping the young generation with modern knowledge.

Meanwhile, addressing a public meeting in Sahiwal, Nawaz Sharif said Paksitan’s fate would be decided on May 11. He said, if voted to power, the masses would get electricity and gas without loadshedding. He announced to introduce hydropower and solar power projects. He claimed they had experts in every sector and lead the country to the path of progress and prosperity.

He lauded the services of PML N candidate from PP-222, Malik Muhammad Arshad, and Malik Muhammad Ramzan for the arrangements of this meeting. He asked local leaders, Ch Muhammad Ashraf and Pir Imran Shah, to serve the masses. PML N candidates, Ch Ashraf, Syed Imran Shah, Malik Nadeem Kamran, Malik Muhammad Arshad and Arshrd Khan Lodhi were also present at the meeting.

He claimed the PML-N government in Punjab had taken solid steps for the promotion of agriculture and prosperity of farmers, adding green tractors had been given to small farmers with a subsidy of Rs 200,000 each. He vowed that if the people again him another opportunity, development process would be launched throughout the country to make it developed and prosperous.

The PML-N chief, also addressing a public meeting at Iqbal Park, Dhobi Ghat, Faisalabad, said he would not bring merely a change, but a revolution to reconstruct the country.

He announced a bullet train worth $ 10 billion would be started from Karachi to Peshawar if voted to power. He added Faisalabad Motorway would be widened while a metro bus project would also be launched in Faisalabad, the country’s third largest city. He vowed to end loadshedding and eradicate terrorism from the country. “The people of Faisalabad and its youth have given their verdict in favour of PML-N,” he said. He announced to take the country to the new heights of prosperity on coming to power and that Pakistan would play a leading role in the region. He said PPP was not visible in the elections, but the B team of Zardari was in the field. He added certain forces had united to damage PML-N, but he was sure that the people would choose the right path which led to peace and prosperity.