LAHORE - Lahore police on Tuesday released the monthly performance report for April 2014 and claimed to have smashed 60 gangs of criminals by arresting their 170 members.  A police spokesman claimed that the Lahore police showed good results during the month of April 2014 as the police recovered valuables worth Rs 8.2 million from the possession of arrested bandits. During the same period, police also arrested 1559 proclaimed offenders and court-absconders.
DIG Operations Rana Abdul Jabbar directed Lahore police to step up crackdown against the criminals by utilizing all available resources to curb the crimes in the city. All divisional SPs chalked out special strategies against the criminals and showed excellent results during the month of April 2014 by arresting 170 criminals of 60 gangs who were wanted to the police in various crimes.  Last month, police also registered 404 cases against 405 accused for keeping illegal weapons. Police also recovered 9-Kalashankoves, 31-rifles, 27-guns, 341-revolvers and pistols, one dagger, and 29641 bullets from their possession.
While taking action against drug dealers, police registered 678 cases, arrested 693 culprits and recovered 34-kg heroine, 130-kg Chars, 2-kg Opium and 11856 bottles of liquor. Moreover, 144 cases were registered against 474 arrested gamblers.