California -George Clooney and his fiancee Amal Alamuddin won’t have children. Sources say the pair - who recently announced their engagement - have no plans to start a family. ‘Before he popped the question, George made Amal agree not to have any kids,’ confided a source. ‘She and George want to continue to travel and work, and they both believe that would be impossible with a child in tow.’

Meanwhile, George will now spend most of his time in London – so he can be with Amal, a lawyer in the British capital. ‘He will spend more time in London to be with Amal,’ a source told Us Weekly magazine. The wedding will be within a year.

‘Her family’s pretty old-fashioned, so they won’t be able to wait a long time,’ said the source. ‘George sees the marriage lasting.’ Sources say George likes Amal because she is ‘more interested in Darfur than Dancing With the Stars.’