In an open violation of the decisions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Sindh High Court, a large number of officers are working in various departments of Sindh government on deputation. The majority of such officers belong to education department, who are obviously unwilling to serve in their much-needed original department. Nonetheless, they have managed to get deputation in various lucrative departments of Sindh government by using influence. As such, they are now enjoying lucrative salaries, official transport, perks, medical facilities and other amenities.

Such practice of deputation should not be allowed in any case, in view of decisions of apex courts, as deputations are blocking promotions for the original employees of any department whereas deputations’ main purpose is to mint money and get more and more financial and other benefits. It is a fact that various officers of the education department are working in the Finance and Administration Wing of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program (BBSYDP), Chief Minister’s Sectt, Government of Sindh, Karachi and handling billions from the budget granted by World Bank and ILO despite being appointed as Principals of various school/colleges and are non-technical or not familiar with financial matters. Besides drawing large salaries, they are entitled to many perks, such as transport and medical facilities etc. Apart from this, they are blocking promotions of young talented employees and spreading an atmosphere of disappointment among them and they are losing interest in the official work of their own departments.

It is suggested that in pursuance of the decisions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan as well as Sindh High Court, deputation of education department employees from BBSYDP (CM Sectt, Govt of Sindh) and other departments may be cancelled immediately and all such officers, presently working on deputation, must be directed to report to their original departments without any exception.


Karachi, April 30.