Lahore- Imran Khan today warned the government to sever circumstances if it tried to stop Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf's peaceful protest against rigging on May 11, 2014.

Addressing to press conference , PTI chief said there was no other way left for them but to come on the streets as they have been knocking every door against the rigging in last general elections since a year, but no one was giving them justice. Khan said, he had gone to courts, tribunals, Parliament against the alleged rigging, but no institute is ready to listen to him adding that Speaker National Assembly had taken stay order against his plea. He said after disappointment from all institutes his party has decided to stage protest which is their legal right.

Imran Khan suggested that Article-6 must be applied on those who have won the polls with rigging, such rulers can not solve problems of masses who came into power by dishonest means. He said PTI would present charter of demands during May 11, 2014 protest at D-chowk in the capital.

He warned that PML-N government may crumble if it tried to stop or sabotage May 11 rally, adding the government would have to face consequences if our workers were barred from participating in the rally. “There is no use of taking part in such elections where polls are always rigged. People of Pakistan seek the justice,” said Imran Khan whose PTI rules Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with coalition partner, Jamaat-e-Islami. The PTI chief, however, refrained this time from accusing the judiciary of involvement in election irregularities, saying that “our party respects judiciary.”  But he again questioned the role of returning officers and a media house in facilitating PML-N win in 2013 elections. Khan called for action against election riggers. “Those stole the public mandate should be punished under Article 6 of the constitution.”

When asked how Geo was involved in rigging, Khan said Geo anchor Najam Sethi had rigged in 35 constituencies by “35 punctures” later Sethi was rewarded with PCB chairmanship and Geo with millions of dollar cricket contracts. He said he is not against all Geo staff as many journalists in Geo had given great sacrifices for freedom of media. PTI chief alleged Geo owner Mir Shakil is black mailing him by character assassination campaign against him added that he would not be afraid of that cheap campaign. Lashing out at government, Khan said Nawaz government had paid Rs. 500 billion circular debt, despite spending such big amount from public money, people are suffering with 20 hours long power cut and circular debt has swelled to Rs. 200 billion again.