Texas -Selena Gomez tried her best to avoid former BFF Taylor Swift at Monday night’s Met Gala in New York. Both stars attended the prestigious event, but Gomez didn’t want to engaged with Swift.

‘Selena did her best to avoid Taylor,’ a source says. ‘She knows Taylor wants to talk to her, but Selena has been ignoring her calls. ‘Selena didn’t go near Taylor at all last night. She kept her distance. ‘Taylor knew Selena was avoiding her, and was devastated. But what can she do?’

‘Taylor hasn’t talked to Selena since she started hanging out with Justin and the Jenner girls,’ a source recently said. ‘On Selena’s side, she isn’t too happy with Taylor for befriending Lorde, especially after Lorde called Selena’s music out. ‘Selena was also so damn bored with Taylor. She didn’t want to bake cookies or paint anymore. She was just so done with it all.’