Ahli Sunnat Waljamat(ASWJ) chief Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianvi said that the 2013 general elections were rigged. He said that the decisions of election tribunals had proved the rigging. He said all the political parties were agreed to the fact that the elections were rigged.

Addressing a press conference in Jamia Farooqia at Kamalia, he said the election tribunal’s decision against Khawaja Saad Rafiq was not a new thing as already an election tribunal had declared NA-89 MNA Sheikh Muhammad Akram as disqualified and declared him (Ludhianvi) as winner.

However, he added, the Supreme Court issued a stay order against the decision of tribunal and so far it had not started trial of the appeal of Sheikh Akram.

He also stated that when the Supreme Court issued stay orders against the tribunal’s decision it should also expedite hearing of such appeals.