Kabul: Three Afghan schoolgirls, who participated in a biology competition in Kenya, brought home gold medals marking a great achievement in an international competition.

The competition was attended by 300 students from 27 countries, said the Afghan participants on Tolo TV today.

On arrival back home, Shohra, one of the excited winners said, "My classmates and I won the competition and obtained gold medals," at Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport today. Another female gold medalist Nargis, called on Afghan families to support their children, especially girls and help them continue their studies.

"Afghanistan needs more focus on education because it has been a war-hit country," Nargis said. "I want all the families to allow their daughters to continue their studies, in order to bring honor to Afghanistan."

The girls were welcomed home by their families and friends, who had come out in support of them. In addition to biology, participants were able to compete in other subjects as well.