ISLAMABAD - The Islamabad High Court Wednesday delayed implementation on Shafqat Hussain's execution for two more days.

A single bench comprising Justice Athar Minallah conducted the hearing of a petition seeking formation of judicial commission to determine the age of death row convict Shafqat Hussain.

The IHC bench also directed the defence counsel to conclude his final arguments regarding the maintainability of this petition on the next hearing to be held on May 8 (tomorrow).

During the hearing, Justice Athar Minallah observed that all court decisions in this case were final and formation of a committee by the government to determine Shafqat Hussain's age was illegal. He added the government has no powers to constitute such committee after the Supreme Court of Pakistan had given its verdict in this matter.

Justice Athar Minallah asked from the Shafqat's counsel to give a legal precedent for reopening of a case that has been decided by the country's highest court.

The bench said that the petitioner must provide valid arguments to the IHC for hearing a case which has earlier been settled by the Supreme Court.

Later, Justice Athar deferred the hearing till May 8, asking Shafqat's lawyer to provide legal justification for his plea in this matter.

Last month, Anti-Terrorism Court had issued black warrants for Shafqat's execution at 6:00AM on May 6 after an investigation by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) dismissed claims that he was a minor at the time of arrest.

Shafqat was sentenced in 2004 for kidnapping and involuntary murder of a 7-year-old boy who lived in a Karachi apartment building where he worked as a security guard.

Confusion over Shafqat's date of birth raised questions whether he was a juvenile or of lawful age in 2004 when he was handed down the death sentence.

The FIA investigation confirmed that even in the jail records, Shafqat Hussain's age was not 14 years at the time he was arrested, nor was he under the age of 18.