ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) and National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) entered into a little controversy on Wednesday about a pre-assign report of NA-122 but later it got settled after both sides clarified the matter.

The controversy started when PTI Chief Imran Khan on Wednesday, after his unscheduled meeting with Chairman NADRA Usman Mubin, announced that the pre-assign (receiving) report of verification of thumb expression of NA-122 prepared by NADRA suggested massive rigging in NA-122, the constituency of National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq.

While talking to media persons outside NADRA Headquarters, the PTI chief said that NADRA had assured to finalise the report of thumb impressions verification of votes cast in NA-122 and would present it to the Election Tribunal within next some days.

He said that Election Tribunal would give its verdict after NADRA would submit the report. He said that according to pre-assign report, electoral rolls in 24 polling stations were missing and ballot books have been found with same serial number in 30 polling stations and ballot papers in 50 polling stations were missing. “People will come to know in a week that second wicket will fall or not,” he said. Imran Khan claimed that the Election Tribunal decision regarding NA-122 would not be different from NA-125 result.

The PTI chief said that his party would pursue criminal cases against the returning officers responsible for these irregularities. He also said that if losing candidate in NA-125 Saad Rafique was not involved in rigging in that constituency then he along with Hamid Khan should take the returning officers to the court. “I have no personal enmity with Nawaz Sharif, Saad Rafique and Ayaz Sadiq but we are fighting the war for future of Pakistan and democracy and that will continue,” he remarked.

The announcement of Imran Khan about pre-assign report gave the impression that perhaps NADRA handed over the report to him during the meeting. The impression drew the ire of NADRA authorities and forced chairman of the authority to call an emergency press conference.

NADRA chairman in his media briefing said that the visit of Imran Khan was unscheduled without prior intimation as the authority only came to know through media.  “Chairman PTI asked me why it did not submit the result of NA-122 before the Election Tribunal,” NADRA chief said. He said that PTI chief was responded that the authority was not bound to answer this question to him, as this was the prerogative of the Election Tribunal. “However, Chairman PTI was informed that NADRA was working on it and would soon submit the report,” chairman Nadra said adding that ET had not given NADRA any time frame in this connection. He said that Imran Khan perhaps was influencing the authority in connection with preparation of forensic reports of election results by meeting him through unscheduled meetings.

Later, a spokesperson of PTI clarified that PTI had got a certified copy of the pre-assign report from the Election Tribunal and not from the NADRA. She said that the purpose of meeting with chairman NADRA was to get justice not to influence the authority. “Imran Khan during the meeting requested NADRA chief to send the forensic report of NA-122 as early as possible to the tribunal,” she said, adding the press conference of chairman NADRA was beyond comprehension. It looks that the government was pressurising him,” she also said. An official of NADRA explained that the authority issues a receiving report that is called pre-scanned to the election tribunal when it gets all the election record of any constituency from it for verification.


APP adds: Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid Wednesday said Imran Khan had performed a pre-planned drama outside NADRA's office on Wednesday.

In a statement, he said that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief, Imran Khan should apologize to the nation after refutation of the Chairman NADRA.

The minister said Imran Khan should be ashamed of showing a false report in connection with NADRA, adding, the PTI chief was used to befooling people by showing such false papers.

The paper showed by Imran Khan was not a verified report of NADRA, but a copy of inventory that was formed before the process of verification, he mentioned.

He said the whole world had seen that Imran Khan had told a lie.