ISLAMABAD - Sub-Committee of the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms has sought opinion from political parties across the national spectrum on the proposal of direct elections to Senate instead of the prevalent indirect elections through Provincial Assemblies.

Similarly political parties opinion on keeping or dropping out reserved seats for women and minorities in National and Provincial Assemblies was also sought. The Chairman of the Sub-Committee former Federal Minister Zahid Hamid in a media chat said that the matter of direct elections to the Upper House of the Parliament came under discussion in the Committee and majority of the members came up with the suggestion that keeping in view the significance of the matter all the political parties should be asked to give their reflection on it by next Wednesday so that the committee could reach at some conclusion on the matter in the light of their input.

Zahid Hamid further said that the Committee has also sought opinion of the political parties on keeping or abolishing the reserved seats for women and minorities in federal and provincial legislatures.

Responding to a question, he said that so far they were just gathering the input of political parties and members on various issues and there was no point of conflict among the members,adding, that they wanted to finalise the proposals for bringing reformation in the prevalent electoral system in the country with consensus and that was the reason the Committee was open to the proposals and suggestions from all the stakeholders.

To a question about the procedure of Senate elections for FATA region, Zahid Hamid said that they would first listen to the proposals and suggestions from two FATA members of the Committee and then would give final shape to their recommendations.

He further informed that about the Senate elections on seats reserved for Federal Capital the same laws would be applicable which are for the National Assembly elections across the country. Zahid Hamid said that now they were in the process of preparing amendments in the prevalent laws and statutes governing the elections process as the suggestions and proposals from the all parties and other stakeholders were with them and they were reviewing them.

A day earlier the sub-committee discussed host of issues including Representation of People's Act 1975.

The participants of the meeting including those belonging to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf come up with their proposals and it was decided that in next week the Committee would give final shape to its proposals which would be presented to the main committee for final approval.

The Sub-Committee have threadbare discussion on the Representation of People's Act 1975 as well as the laws and rules governing Senate elections process.