The military authorities in Pakistan have for the first time in recent years categorically accused Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the premier intelligence agency of India, of active involvement in terrorist and subversive activities in Pakistan. The Indian authorities have to earnestly understand that Pakistani military authorities and people have waged a war against terrorism which is producing positive results. If the Indian authorities do not cooperate by, at least, keeping themselves out of this nexus, the matters may destabilise the whole region. India will not be able to keep itself away from its negative consequences.

An 18th century literary critic and philosopher, William Hazlitt, stated that “The way to get on in the world is to be neither more nor less wise, neither better nor worse than your neighbours.” The Indian authorities have ostensibly yet to realise that the peaceful coexistence with neighbours is the key to social and economic development. Nations cannot afford to remain in state of wars forever. It becomes all the more important when dealing with the neighbours .The resolve of the Pakistani military in dealing with the terrorists has been appreciated by all the regional and other powers. The war has the support of the people of Pakistan from the grassroots level to the top. In this context, if the bigger neighbour does not realise the spillover effects of its nefarious activities, the regional situation is likely to worsen for players involved.

In the age of technological advancement and digitisation, the countering of any covert activity of the intelligence agencies is not a major thorn like in the past. It would be better for Indian political authorities and RAW to keep their hands off from Pakistan and Afghanistan which are both seriously attempting to eliminate the terrorists not only physically but ideologically. It is now high time that Indian authorities concentrate on what veteran Indian leader Mr. Vajpayee once said, “You can change friends, but not neighbours”. The Indian authorities should not forget at least 13 separatist and violent movements going on in India itself. It would be better that India keeps its hands off from its neighbours and comes to terms with the newly emerging economic and regional circumstances for the benefit of its teeming millions and, of course, its neighbours as well.