Regional Police Officer Ehsan Sadiq asked the victim response officers to serve the people diligently and honestly and ensure self-respect of the complainants during their visit to police stations. During a meeting, he said that the victim response officers’ work is dignified as it is different from typical policing so they should have to observe it as Jihad and mission so that respect of the department could escalate.

He further said that they should maintain the relationship of respect with the public and do not let their character shamble. He added that heavy duty is imposed upon them because they are the representatives of the district who are deployed on 24 police stations. The purpose of their deployment is to give response to the people, so they should stay in contact with public and mingle with people in their leisure time and participate in their social events to promote friendly image of police, he said.

Earlier Bahawalpur DPO Sarfraz Ahmad Falki briefed the RPO about the facilities being provided for the VROs including motorcycle, petrol and stationary. He further told that for the post of VROs educated T/ASIs have been appointed who will observe their responsibilities decently and with their performance, impact on public is being left that Police is becoming friendly leaving typical police work.

The DPO further said that it is our duty to deal each visitor of police station with respect.