Islamabad - A seminar was organised here at Islamabad Model Postgraduate College H-8 on the topic of “Essential Measures for the uplift of Education.”

Teaching staff from all the departments showed keenness through active participation in the programme. Prof Syed Izharul Hassan Bukhari, Vice Principal (Academics), proposed the formation of a committee of senior professors to reconsider the subject combinations offered to students to bring them online with emerging demands and challenges. He also suggested the break-up of the syllabus into parts with periodical monitoring of the progress with regard to the timely completion and revision of the courses of studies. He also emphasised the role of teachers for improving the educational standards. Prof Bukhari further stressed the need to send admission of students to board and university strictly on the basis of their attendance and programme in class/college examinations.

Dr Waseem Ahmad Khan from the department of zoology proposed to find ways for attracting more admission of students in the college. Besides he stressed the monitoring of classes to see the progress of syllabus. He demanded the restoration of the old register system for improving attendance in the classes.

Prof Riasat Ali Abbasi from the department of geography emphasised the need for adoption of both modern and effective teaching methodologies and necessary preparations by teachers to inspire involvement of students in the classrooms activities. He also stressed the need of extensive class tests to improve results.

Prof Javed Iqbal Mughal from the department of English suggested a better system of accountability to improve the performance of the teachers. “Those who perform better should be appreciated and those whose performance is not up to the mark must be held accountable,” he suggested. He proposed the display of students’ result on the college notice board with name of the respective teachers. He also suggested some uniformity in teaching methodology of teachers.

Prof Zafar Hussain from the department of computer science emphasized on the need for audio-visual aids in the classrooms, improvement of the proctorial system and college library.

Prof Mahmood Ali Khokhar from the department of physics pointed out that public sector education is suffering from the problem of lack of ownership. He stressed that the teachers are doing well to impart education to the students though there is more room for improvement.  

Prof Mehdi Hussain from the department of psychology proposed tea-break for teachers and recess for students. He also suggested the facility of Internet for teachers and organisation of various programs when students are away and busy in exams and there is relatively less academic activity.

Prof Muhammad Imran from the department of physics suggested the prior break-up/planning for timely covering of syllabus. He also stressed the need for rotation of various additional duties in the college to enhance performance.