Islamabad - Sufficient water is available to meet the water requirements of the federal capital till the upcoming monsoon season.

Water level in Simly Dam is up to optimal level and sufficient storage of water is also available in Khanpur Dam, so there will be no water scarcity during the summer. Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) Maroof Afzal was apprised this during a meeting held at CDA headquarters on Wednesday to review the situation of water supply in the city.

The meeting was attended by the Member Engineering Shahid Sohail, director general water management and other senior officers of the authority.

The chairman CDA was apprised that sufficient quantity of water is available in CDA’s water reservoirs and water complaints are fluctuating between three to four hundred in number per day which are nominal, as the CDA is ensuring water supply to 55,000 consumers.

He was apprised that 34 million gallons of water is being supplied from Simly Dam reservoir while eight million gallons are being provided from Khanpur Dam whereas the additional water supply is being managed through other sources like tube wells to meet the water requirement of the city.

The chairman was further apprised that water management wing is receiving the complaints mostly from those areas where water is being supplied through tube wells as seven hours, on average, per day electricity load shedding hinders the smooth water supply in a few areas of the city.

However, water tanker service is ensuring prompt redressal of these complaints.

He was further apprised that the main water lines are also being repaired to ensure uninterrupted water supply during the summer.

Maroof Afzal said that all-out efforts would be made to ensure uninterrupted water supply to consumers. He directed to take up the matter with IESCO so that smooth supply of water could be made in the areas where water is being provided from the ground sources.

Maroof said that the tanker services shall be strengthened and made more efficient.

According to the CDA spokesperson, in connection with the repair work of 30” water supply line, water supply to sectors G-6, G-7, G-8, G-9 will remain suspended for 24 hours with effect from 07-05-2015. The spokesman requested the residents of the sectors to store the requisite quantity of water.

In case of emergency, residents of sector G-5 to G-8 can lodge water shortage complaints on telephone number 051-9209680 and residents of sector G-9 can lodge water shortage complaints on telephone number 051-9106085, so that emergency could be met through water tanker service.