The beauty of Pakistan, Humaima Malik who has not failed to make an impression across the border as well, is hailed for her Pakistani and Bollywood projects. The star, whose several other works are in production and are highly anticipated, has also been stunning the crowd with her show-stopping appearances on the ramp. 

Humaima rose to fame with her debut on ramp as a showstopper for Deepak Perwani. From that moment to now, the starlet has never looked back. With one show after another, benchmarks set by Humaima have never been crossed by anyone else. Knowing how to mesmerize the crowd, Humaima has been the favorite as the showstopper for countless designers. Her appearance on the ramp proves to be a fresher after the monotonous lineup of models. She lights up the stage with her unique way of handling the attention, while making it all look so effortless. The actress does not need telling how to fire up the show with her entrance. 

The list of designers for whom Humaima Malick has been the showstopper does not end. She has graced the shows of Zaheer Abbas, Nilofer Shahid, Ali Xeeshan, Shehla Chatoor, Sana Safinaz, Zainab Sajid and Deepak Perwani with her on-stage persona, leaving the audience enthralled. It was also witnessed what her absence does to a show, when her already announced and much-awaited arrival was called off in Day 3 of PFDC L'Oreal Bridal Week 2014. This BCW she is show stopping for Mohsin Naveed Ranjha. 

Be it a film, a show stopping appearance or a TV serial, Humaima knows what needs to be done to leave a staying impression. Her sultry and glamorous appearance is matchless, as proved countless times repeatedly.