PR LAHORE - In the wake of recent events and some motivated remarks and unfounded allegations against Justice Farrukh Irfan Khan, a wilful impression has been created that while as a Judge, he formed offshore companies and unlawfully transferred funds from Pakistan therein as a sitting judge of Lahore High Court.

Owning to his position as a judge of the Lahore High Court, it is not possible for him to respond to such orchestrated campaign against him, the purpose whereof is to malign him and the judiciary.

This was stated by Justice Farrukh Irfan Khan’s brother M Yawar Irfan Khan, who was also a former president of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in a statement on Friday.

“Considering that his silence has been taken in a wrong way, the Irfan family feels it necessary, at this stage, to highlight the actual facts. As a lawyer and professional working, inter-alia, in the field of Intellectual Property law, Justice Farrukh Irfan Khan acquired an impeccable reputation, both nationally and internationally, and was recognised by his peers as “one of the 20 most highly regarded individuals in the world in the area of Trademark law” as published in Who’s Who Legal. It is noteworthy that as a lawyer and professional he was advising large number of world’s top conglomerates including various companies dealing in next generation innovative technologies, next generation medicines etc.

Due to his unavoidable professional commitments outside the country, he transferred his share in the local law firm to his family member, and concentrated on his professional work abroad. This brought him huge reputation, clients and the resultant financial success through his work abroad.

While he transferred substantial portion of his lawful foreign earnings to Pakistan, which he was not obliged to do so, as an ordinary prudent person, he also opted to invest in real estate. For this purpose around 200 1/2004, upon legal tax advice, special purpose vehicles in the form of Offshore Companies were formed for the sole purpose to acquire property, and certain properties were mortgaged through lawful foreign Bank loans. Needless to state only a small investment was required for mortgages which were lawfully made from his foreign earnings while living abroad, much before his elevation as a Judge in 2010.

No amounts of any sort were transferred out of Pakistan at anytime for all the transactions, rather substantial amounts of foreign exchange lawfully earned abroad were brought into Pakistan through lawful banking channels.

On being notified as a Judge of the Lahore High Court, Farrukh Irfan Khan, who was abroad at that time, came back to Pakistan, and before his Oath as a Judge divested himself and resigned from business interests, directorship/shareholding etc. held by him aboard as well as in Pakistan. In this respect, a gift was executed by him in favour of his daughter and other family members. Insofar as Mr Justice Farrukh Irfan Khan is concerned, he ceased to have any interest or right therein, and thereafter he has been performing his duties as a Judge conscientiously to the best of his abilities.

The f facts are supported by record and it is expected that unnecessary discussion viz-a-viz Mr Justice Farrukh Irfan Khan, should come to an end.”