Karachi, undoubtedly is a thickly populated city and is forwarded with many NADRA offices in different areas even in sectors. But it seems to be observed that many of them are in very poor condition, where the basic facilities are even unavailable. 

Hundreds of people visited these offices on daily bases to process their identical and informative modules such as B-Forms and CNIC. Which includes people of all ages. Due to lacking of basic facilities they have to suffer. There is neither any specific waiting area for public nor any modern or electronic system of regulation. Owing these problems specially children and old people face difficulties and get too stuck in long lines. 

Moreover, harsh and irresponsible behavior of staff present at offices is a big snag. It is often observed that staff is neither polite nor even punctual. Moreover, proceeding is very slow. In some of offices there is no modern facilities of processing even. There is no such a proper organization the primeval handling is seem to be observed there. 

It is therefore, requested to concerned authorities to provide basic facilities to public at public servicing offices properly and to direct their staff properly. 


Abdullah Ahmed, 

Karachi, May 6.