LAHORE - Lahore High Court Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah yesterday was invited to be a founder member of Global Institute of Judges (GIJ) which was founded during three days First World Congress on Environmental Law held at Rio, Brazil.

A large number of judges, legislators, prosecutors and the representatives of government agencies hailing from the 70 countries attended the said congress.

The Congress theme was Environmental Rule of Law, Justice and Planetary Sustainability with the objective to provide a global forum to activate the role of law in developing and implementing solutions that will ensure ecological sustainability. This Congress was the first global gathering of its kind, organized under the auspices of IUCN in cooperation with UNEP.

Over the course of three days, through plenary sessions and three series of workshops aligning with the sub-themes (planetary challenges, legal opportunities and priorities, and legal institutions and environmental law), the Congress went into depth regarding various trends and challenges in environmental law and their importance for conservation and environmental governance throughout the world.

Justice Shah gave brief details regarding environmental legislation and litigation in Pakistan and told about the cases being heard in Green Benches.

The participants appreciated the proceedings of the Green Benches in Pakistan.

In the final session, the Congress founded Global Institute of Judges in Rio to keep eye on the environmental issues, legislation and litigation in the world and Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah was honored to be a founder member of the said institute and designated as General Secretary of the institute.