These days Maulana Diesel is in news sitting along with P.M. Whenever there is some trouble for Mian Sahib Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman lends his shoulder to Mian Sahib.  Maulana is known to be a great opportunist and it is not a good omen for Maulana to be sitting besides P.M. While P.M. stood  like an old lady who has been harassed by enemies while perspiring in heat  with an oversized turban  which he rarely dons.  The old slogan that  is  based on  Masoor ki Dal was coined in India by Hindus  who ate Dal and ought not be used in Pakistan which is a meat eating country.  Mian Sahib in his new formed love with Indians often quotes Dal based phrases which are not in sink in Pakistan. Mian Sahib compares the culture of Pakistan with India while quoting  Aloo Gosht dish which is banned in India.  Mian Sahib is carried away in his speech  to say that India & Pakistan had same culture which is not correct as we eat there God cow which is  sacred in India. Mian Sahib should not injure the feelings of Pakistanis by equating Pakistan with India in his new found love for Bharat which is an erstwhile enemy of Pakistan. 


Dr Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti 

DHA-Lahore Cantt. May 05