For over two decades, a select group of selectors, coaches, managers and members of PCB Board have been taking charge in turns, while game of cricket has suffered. The debacle which struck Pakistan cricket in London when three players were caught in irregularities occurred, because of failure of officials accompanying team and PCB chairman. 

Indiscipline has been on rise while performance of players has declined. If PCB Chairman and others on board had any sense of honor or dignity, they should have resigned, but we all know that is not going to happen. Former players like Intikhab, Haroon Rasheed, Wasim Bari, Salahuddin, Waqar Younis, Moeen, Waseem Raja, Ilyas, Zakir etc have been taking turns in this musical chair that has been going on, with only one constant factor, persistent debacles haunting the game. Players tainted with scams and history of indiscipline on-field and off-field continue to be choice of selectors and management. 


Lahore, March 29.