VEHARI-Corruption has permeated everywhere especially in the police department which causes irreparable loss to peace and justice leaving negative impact on the society, people of Danewal said during a protest against police.

The first model police station in Punjab has been made the house of corruption, said the people including Ashraf, Ghulam Abbas, Shahid Ali, Qasim Jutt during the protest. They said that due to poor performance of police, crime rate has been increasing day by day and the people are facing lots of difficulties, they said.

Citizens are deprived of their properties, valuable including car, motorbike, mobile and animals worth million of rupees during last five month, the protesters said. Danewal police have failed to handle the rising dacoities, robberies and street crimes, they said.

They said that the police have given free hand to criminals who had now become the symbol of terror due to negligence of police. They demanded that the Punjab IGP should take notice of the situation.

Citizen Abdul Rehman told The Nation that Moharrar of model police station Aslam considered himself as the owner of police station. He maintains the rate of various work and receive bribe from the complainants under the nose of the station SHO.

Police sources said that Irregularities were also found in the most sensitive security duties. Corruption practice is repeated during the duty for VIPs as less number of police personnel are sent there compared to the number that shown on the Roznamcha, they said.

Some police personnel not sent to the duty remain absent without any intimation to the authorities concerned, they said. People demanded inquiry against those found involved in the irregularities.