ISLAMABAD - Former Pakistan cricket team chief selector Abdul Qadir highly lauded PCB Board of Governors (BoG) member Zafar Mehmood, terming him man of principles, who raised voice for the justice.

Talking to The Nation, Qadir said: “Hats off to Zafar Mehmood, who showed tremendous courage and sought explanation from the PCB chairman over his number of decisions and questioned Inzamam’s appointment as chief selector. He also raised objections and wanted to know under what law, Shahryar had made a number of decisions.”

“Zafar rightly pointed out flaws in the BoG meeting and termed it a wasteful exercise, as majority of members only attend the meeting for a cup of tea and other perks and privileges. They remained silent on all the major issues and endorsed all the decisions made by Shahryar Khan, which is completely wrong. I strongly feel former Test greats should be the part of the BoG and strongly oppose amendments in the PCB constitution, which only allow governing board member to contest for chairman slot,” he added.

Qadir further questioned why a clerk Subhan Ahmed was promoted as COO, while a highly qualified person like Salim Altaf was removed from the office of COO, in which newspaper or channel, the PCB had given advertisement for COO’s vacant post. “The rules and regulations are always marred in the PCB, only yes man are given a lot of benefits and people who praise some certain individuals are given unlimited favours. In fact, lottery system has been adopted in the PCB.

“The head coach post is made musical chair. Who made the appointment of Moin Khan and Waqar Younis? Najam Sethi claimed that when he was appointed as PCB chairman, two files were presented to him and Waqar and Moin Khan’s name were written on those files, but he held Zaka Ashraf responsible for Waqar Younus’s appointment as head coach. Sethi claimed that three-member committee appointed by Zaka Ashraf including Javed Miandad, Intikhab Alam and Wasim AKram recommended Waqar as head coach,” he added.

But according to reliable sources, Shoaib Muhammad’s name was in both the files, then why Shoaib was not given responsibility. It is high time Miandad must come in public and clear his stance whether Sethi’s claims of his involvement were true or not. Only Miandad could clarify things as if he was involved in Waqar’s appointment, then he was also equally responsible for appointing a person, who turned his back on national team sighting medical grounds, when Pakistan team needed him the most. According to another source, Sethi met Waqar in Dubai and finalised the things there. The ball is now in Miandad’s court, he should come and clarify the entire saga,” the source said. Qadir said he personally felt that Miandad had nothing to do with Waqar’s appointment.

When asked about Inzamam’s selection as chief selector, Qadir termed Inzi a weak person. “If Ahmed Shahzad and Umar Akmal were dropped purely on disciplinary grounds, then why Younus Khan was given a safe passage. He had left the team, objected at the umpires decision in public, but even then he was allowed to rejoin the team and was allowed to play the final of the Pakistan Cup. If Ahmed and Umar were dropped for not performing, then it is a huge injustice to both the players. It also shows the PCB dictating the terms and Inzamam has nothing to do with the matter. One thing is clear that Ahmed is top batsman of the ODI Cup and Umar Akmal is giving consistent performances.”

Raising question over selection of probables for England tour, Qadir said: “A number of deserving players were completely overlooked for the Abbottabad camp, which is a grave injustice to them, who have been performing on regular basis for the last couple of years but to no reward.”

Expressing surprise over selection of bowling, he said: “I am astonished three left arm spinners were selected. What is left in Zulfiqar Babar now? Pakistan team badly needs a quality off spinner, but nobody bothers to pay heed to that particular area. M Nawaz is a perfect bowler and deserves a place in the playing XI, but he was not even considered for the conditioning camp. The players would be picked for highly important England series from the camp, but I fear for the green caps, they would struggle hard against England, as they are not going to play Test matches at the favourite hunting UAE grounds but have to face England at their own backyard.

“Kamran Akmal and others should have been part of the camp for their outstanding performances for the last couple of years, but they were overlooked. At one end, Inzamam claims he wants to provide opportunities to the below 30 players, while on the other hand, Zulfiqar Babar type players are picked, which shows that he is highly confused,” he added.

“I strongly believe unless regional cricket is not improved, there is no chance the national team would give even ordinary results. I recommend the regions should be bound to elect former Test cricketer as president, as it is the only and real way to help deserving cricketers get their due rights, Qadir concluded.