ISLAMABAD: The efforts of doctors beared fruit as Quetta’s ‘solar kids’, Rasheed, Shoaib and Ilyas suffering from a peculiar disease which made them almost paralyzed at night time have been successfully treated at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). The children appear to be normal again at night time with no adverse symptoms. Medicines given to children proved to be efficacious as well.

According to PIMS Vice Chancellor (VC) and Head of the medical board Dr. Javed Akram, this was the minors’ first night where they behaved and played like normal children. Dr. Javed Akram also lauded efforts of a private TV channel for highlighting the issue which led to successful treatment of the ‘solar kids’.

Father of the affected children, Hashim, was also overjoyed to see his children healthy and act normal.

The ‘solar kids’ of Quetta were seen playing in the hospital and taking selfies in front of a mirror, proving that they will finally be able to live normal healthy lives.

The children had long suffered from strange symptoms where they seemed to be active, full of life and normal during day time however, as soon as the sun set, their bodies started becoming dysfunctional and they seem to be half dead.

The father of the three children spent many years of his life rejoicing upon the sight of dawn but every sunset used to leave him gloomy. Now at last he will also be able to breathe a sigh of relief.