/MONITORING-LAYYAH-Police have come up with another finding that the younger brother of the shop owner had mixed poison in the sweets which had claimed at least 32 lives and affected 80 others on the birth of a child on April 19 here.

Earlier, the police had said that pesticide had been mixed in the sweet due to the negligence of the shop owner and also recovered packing of the pesticide from the shop. However, after the forensic report, it declared that agricultural pesticide had been included in sweet which caused the deaths. And then, the police claimed that on political rivalry, poison had been mixed in the sweet which caused the deaths.

Now, the police disclosed that in revenge, the owner’s brother had mixed poison in the sweets and wanted closure of his brother’s business.

Police Station Fatah Pour SHO Waseem Leghari said that Khalid Mehmood, younger brother of shop owner Tariq Mehmood, had mixed 200 millilitre poisonous medicine in traditional sweet Laddu during its making and caused death of 32 persons while above 80 were affected.

He said that, during the investigation, Khalid had confessed to mixing poison during the process of making Laddu.

According to a private TV channel, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has suspended DHQ Hospital Layyah Medical Superintendent Ghulam Mustafa and made Layyah DCO Rana Gulzar OSD (officer on special duty) over negligence in handling the incident.

DPO Ali Zia will hold a press conference on the toxic sweet and more findings will be shared with the media.

On April 19, Umar Hayat of Fatah Pur Chak 105-ML had bought sweet from Tariq Sweet Shop and on the consuming, 32 persons including child and women had died and 88 were affected.